When it comes to professional attire, doctors are often associated with their crisp, and clean medical lab coats. While the key purpose of any medical lab coat is hygiene and functionality, it does not mean you cannot make it look stylish and trendy. Here are a few tricks and tips to simply boost your style quotient while wearing your medical lab coats. No matter whether you are an experienced healthcare expert or medical student, here are some fashion-forward as well as practical ways to style your lab coats.

Perfect Fit:

Proper fit is the first and most important step to look impressive in a lab coat. Hence, make sure that it fits you well. Do not wear it too tight or too loose since that can hamper your look by making you look clumsy. Buy a lab coat that enhances your unique body shape through its cut. Try different sizes to see which one suits your body type.

Modern Design:

Gone are those days when lab coats were only available in a distinct style. Today, you can find lab coats in different styles that are created by adding contemporary details to the basic white lab coat. You can look for features such as contrast trims, interesting designs of collars, asymmetrical buttons, etc. These small details often transform your basic lab coat from drab to fab.

Accessorize with Style:

Yes, there are limited options to accessorize your work attire, especially in a clinical setting. Still, there are different ways to oomph up your style. You can add a scarf, a trendy watch, and obviously, a stethoscope to enhance the look of your outfit. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference in your overall appearance.

Layer For Depth:

Medical lab coats are engineered in a way that they can be worn over your regular clothing. However, that does not mean that you cannot layer it up. If you opt for layering, make sure you choose your base outfit properly by picking chic tops, or shirts that go well with your lab coat.

Clean and Well-Maintained:

No matter how stylish your medical lab coat is, if it looks wrinkled or dirty, it cannot make a positive impact. Make sure that your lab coat is neat and clean always. Steam or iron the lab coat to avoid any wrinkles. 

When wearing medical lab coats, looking fashionable does not at all mean compromising professionalism. You may look stylish and yet give your 100% to the job as a healthcare professional. So, go ahead and add more fun to your regular professional outfit!