Are you planning to buy scrubs and wondering whether or not to buy sets with pockets? Aren’t you sure you need pockets in your scrub sets? Well, this post can work as a quick guide for that! If you are working in the medical field, you know that you need many things on hand to get your job done. This is why, healthcare workers need to have multiple pockets in their scrub to have easy access to essential things. While scrubs are available with various numbers of pockets, you can choose 2 pocket scrub sets or those with more pockets as per your requirement.

Scrub pockets are a great way to keep essential belongings close at hand which allows healthcare workers to be better prepared for dealing with any sort of emergency that may need their immediate attention throughout their shift. 

How Many Scrub Pockets Do You Need?

The number of pockets you want in your scrubs will depend on many factors. These factors include your fashion choice, personality type, the duties you regularly perform, how organized you want to be, and how many essentials you want to keep on hand throughout your duty hour. 

Generally, you’ll need at least two pockets in your scrub sets. Even if you don’t always use the pockets, it’s always a good idea to have them for personal storage space. These will be handy when you are on shift keeping your hands free and making specific tasks easier. 

Common Scrub Pocket Items and Why Would You Need Them

In the healthcare industry, there are many different duties to perform. Therefore, you will need to carry various types of supplies in your scrub pockets. However, what exactly you would need to carry may differ from the other health workers. Here, let’s check some of the most common items that healthcare professionals usually need to keep in their 2 pocket scrub sets throughout their shift.

Pens and Sharpies

These are essential tools while operating within the healthcare field. When quickly available, these make many tasks easier.

Alcohol Prep Swabs

When it comes to delivering IVs, having these readily available in the pockets makes the process easier. 

Trauma Sheers or Bandage Scissors

These are often needed during an emergency. Therefore, keeping a set of these in the scrub pocket can help handle serious issues immediately.

Personal Cell Phone

When you have a special pocket for holding your cell phone, it keeps your hands free for important tasks throughout your shift. 

Other things you can keep in your 2 pocket scrub sets are Mints and Gum, Hemostat Clamps, Flushes for IVs, Stethoscope, Medical tape, etc. Scrub sets are also available with more than two pockets. Choose yours as per your needs and preferences.